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New Rice Experiment

I place two greeting cards next to two size of Emma jars.  Each jar is marked #1, #2, #3, and #4.  All jars contain cooked rice, from the same rice cooker, placed in jars at the same time.  My theory is how I perceive opposites, by negative & positive association, and how test subjects (cooked rice) respond to such perception.  This theory relates to the Backster Effect and Masaru Emoto's water crystal response.  One card represent innocence and transparency, and the other card, agenda and deception.  Above image was taken around May 15, 2010.

Who's the good puppy?

About May 15

Next experiment will be done according to  Masaru Emoto.

May 29

July 11

OMG!!!  Obama's jar began turning green, on Nov 2nd mid-term elections... I'm not kidding!!!

Sep 6

Last two months, I put the experiment on ignore.  So maybe, not giggling about it is the key.
It appears this experiment failed.  Rice didn't take me seriously.  I thought this would be a problem... lol lol lol.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Nov 30, '10

Why am I doing this?  It's interesting...  Masaru Emoto discovered water crystallize under a positive environment, such as melodic music, good thoughts, words, etc...  I would discard the water crystal effect as quackery.  But, considering 40 years of Backster Effect research, maybe there's something to this.

Further, according to the Niagara Historical Society's, The Seven Sutherland Sisters, by Clarence Lewis, Isabella was adopted.  Yet, she achieved floor length hair.  This rules out genetics.  So, maybe something else is at play, like- Association?  Intention?  Nutrition?  Sister's hair grower?  All the above?

Old Rice Experiment Results

This test was to convince me whether something weird is going on.  I did move the jars to a neutral location, together, for a couple months.  But the rice jar on the right continued to rot faster than the jar on the left.  Question: Did the 'Thank You' card cause the difference?

About. Dec 25, 2009

About May 10, 2010

YouTube Rice Experiment Links

Go to YouTube and search rice experiment.

There are a number of videos about Masaru Emoto and Cleve Backster.  The following links are preset searches for YouTube.

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