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  • for friends

    Friends are the most important asset we have in life.  Take everything away.  What remains?  Friends!  That makes friendship the greatest gift.

    It is our desire to make Rapunzel's Delight a safe place where people can come together with care & respect, be free to share ideas, goals, concerns, or anything.  Because everyone is important :-)

  • for health

    We live in a world filled with sickness & disease.  Common sense tells us to do all we can to prevent ills & restore health.  The goal for Rapunzel's Delight is to equip anyone interested with knowledge & understanding, and promote the best possible health.

    The internet has put us into the cutting edge of natural health.  Today, we have the ability to draw on the vast resource of knowledge & experience of universities, doctors, laymen & women.  The possibilities are endless :-)

  • for support

    Year to year, fashions change.  The fashion industry has a large influence over how we present ourselves.  Added to the fact, the fashion industry is a money making machine, spending millions on psychologically persuasive & manipulative advertising, promoting what's 'in' and what's 'out.'

    It is our aspiration for Rapunzel's Delight to offer another option.  Rapunzel's Delight is here for those who are daring enough to take that leap off the fashion marry-go-round and start a life long & rewarding adventure.   For some, it maybe a hard road ahead.  Know this, the best in life don't come easy :-)

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Open Letter

Oct 14, 2006


Very recently, I received an inquiry from Delores of Atlanta, Georgia.  The following letter is my answer, and an open letter to everyone.


Dear Delores & Everyone,


At present, I am preparing a selection of health & hair care items through Amazon.com, as well as books and videos.  Amazon.com is the best resource I know of to find products and information.  I have been told, by the end of November of this year, Amazon.com will be providing their affiliates a more efficient means to find & display specific products.  I will be updating my site with this feature as soon as it becomes available.


I have always been interested in natural health & hair care.  I believe that hair is a reflection of health, which lays foundation for my website.  Over the years, I have adopted several heroes in the natural health field…. 


My first hero is Dr. Lorraine Day (www.drday.com).  I have listened to Dr. Lorraine Day several times on the radio, and watched her videos.  She advocates eating simply, mainly juicing raw fruits, vegetables and leafy greens.  She has both the credentials and experience to prove that unprocessed food is the best medicine.  In fact, I remember listening to her on the radio, and a man called in and said that his hair actually grew back just drinking raw juices.


My second hero is Dr. C Samuel West (www.speedhealing.com).  I have his book and lymphology training videos.  Over the last three decades, he has studied the lymphatic system, and discovered that jumping on a trampoline is the most effective means to move lymphatic fluid.  The lymphatic system is our body’s waste disposal system, which helps remove fluids & toxins surrounding the cells, allowing the cells to eat and breathe.  He has demonstrated that bouncing on a trampoline, using a method called the “health bounce”, can do some amazing things, if not miraculous.


My third hero is Dr. Hulda Clark (www.drclark.net).  I have many of her books and personally listened to her at the Royal Rife conference held in Seattle.  She discovered that parasites, from a variety of viruses, bacteria, fungi, flukes, worms, and a host of intestinal bugs, are the primary cause of illness.  She has the credentials, experience, and laid a solid foundation for her claims.  She is extremely controversial in the medical field because her findings question the standing of the cancer industry.


These are my top three heroes, and also my top three emphasis for healthy hair: nutrition, exercise, and cleanse/detoxification.  I have many more heroes, but these three have changed my life and the way I think about health.  I sincerely believe the following statement made by Mary Shomon, Your Guide to Thyroid Disease. Hair Loss Solutions For Thyroid Patients

"Your hair is a fairly accurate barometer of your health. Hair cells are some of the fastest growing in the body, and when your body is under stress or in crisis, hair cells can shut down in order to redirect energy elsewhere, to places where it is needed." (emphasis added)

At present, I do not sell specific hair growth products.  It is said “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  The main importance for my site is to inform, educate, and provide the means to attain optimum health and hair growth, efficiently and inexpensively as possible. 


In short, and until I get my site’s store up and running, I recommend the following for optimum hair growth….

  • Nutrition.  You are what you eat!  First, stay away from water (or products) containing fluoride and chlorine.  Do not smoke, drink alcohol, and eat processed sugar or flour.  Second, eat raw nuts, fruits, vegetables and leafy greens, as much as possible.  Importantly, visit a health food store and look for flax seed oil or any refrigerated omega 3-6-9 oils.  Drink the oil like medicine.  Omega oil helps promote cellular reproduction.  Also, look for a good multi vitamin & mineral products.  Ask the store clerk for the best.  And, don’t forget to drink lots of water, but not all at once.

  • Exercise.  Go visit Wal-Mart or any sports supply store and buy a mini-trampoline.  Look for one that includes a stabilizer/handlebar, to keep your balance while bouncing.  I have used the back of a chair.  Bounce whenever possible.  Gently, feet barely off the matt.  This is called the “health bounce”.

  • Cleanse/Detoxification.  Get Dr. Hulda Clark’s books, specifically “Cure for All Diseases”.  You can find her books at book & health food stores.  Call around.  Dr. Clark provides many cleanse/detoxification programs, and how to do it inexpensively.  You can also visit any health food store and find a good cleanse/detoxification product and program.

Most of all, visit a good naturopath.  A good way to find an excellent naturopath is to inquire various health food stores in your area.  Find out whose name comes up the most.   I am not a doctor or a health care professional.  Health is my hobby.  So I strongly recommend conferring with a good health care professional before applying any of these suggestions.


My website has a menu section called “Vintage Potpourri” listing many vintage hair care advertisements and materials, such as Palnora Hair Grower. I do not know of, or believe, any of these advertised products are still available today.  However, the underlying importance stands out in all these materials is nutrition and exercise.

If you have any questions, please write to me, or email me.  I am happy to answer the best I can.

Sincerely yours,

Rapunzel’s Delight


P.O. Box 4051

Sequim, WA 98382-4051


In Memory of my wife, Terry

April 2008

It has been a nightmare for me.  It's like waking up in a horror movie.

Our pastor's wife made the banana cream cake.

We have been married for 26 years, and known each other for 30, this Spring.  She was my childhood sweetheart. 

Terry and her newborn horse.

We did everything together.  People in church thought we were married... before the wedding.

Babies always do that :-)

We did everything together... that is why I'm slow in finishing this site.  She would ask for help, want to eat out, watch a movie, etc..  The site took second priority.

A mowing job when times were tough.

That morning, I was talking to her on the cell phone.   She was home sitting up in bed, and I was out driving around town doing errands. 

Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada.

I came home.  She wanted me to pour a bath for her because her legsAt one time we had over 30 goats. were aching.  I had scrubbed the tub clean, and told her the hot water was running, and I was coming right back after feeding the dogs.

I ran back to the bedroom, and she was not there.  I ran to the bathroom, and she was slumped-over on the bathroom floor.

Terry & tidepool, Campbell River, BC, Canada.

I sat her up, and brushed her hair away from her face.  I screamed, and yelled at her.  I could not wake her up.  She was like a rag doll.  I could not lift her.  I started CPR.

Terry's sister (left), and Terry.

I called 911, but we live 25 minutes from the emergency assistance.  She was gone before emergency aid arrived.  They did what they could.

The official cause was a blood clot from the legs, to the lungs.
Terry loved goats.

I am slow coming back.  I have to come back.

Terry 10 yrs old, Long Beach, Washington

I miss her so much.  I have never been alone before... and it's the Terry loved catscreepiest, shocking feeling ever.  I feel like a zombie going through the motions necessary for life, like eating, cleaning, working, paying the bills, etc..

Terry drove her school teachers crazy.  She get straight "A"s on tests & wouldn't do her homework.

I made this site for health and hair care.  It's a passion for me to find the answers.  She thought it was great, and wanted to do before and after photos of herself.

Terry, about when we first met, Gig Harbor, Washington

My email inbox is a mess.  It will take me a couple months to answer.  Some have left condolences... Thank you so very-very much!

God bless

There is a heaven, beauty beyond compare.  The sky is blue, horses are white, and fly.  All dreams come true.  -Alan / webmaster